The Wrong Kind of Intensity

Holy cow! I have been having some seriously CRAZY dreams lately!

This is even more interesting because, even though I suspect that I must dream, I could count on one hand the times I could remember anything about my dreams. . .

Almost haunting. . . (Image from
Almost haunting. . . (Image from

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What Do You Do When Depressed?

I’ve made no real attempts at hiding the fact that depression chases me around & pins me down from time to time (probably more frequently than that, but lets not get into the semantics of it at the moment). With all of this “experience” I am getting with being down in the dumps all the time, you’d think I would find a way to work it to my advantage. . . But, no. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.

(Image from
If it’s not one vice, it’s another. . . (Image from

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Wishes vs Intentions (On Purpose: Revisited)

I’ve been in somewhat of a foul mood lately. . . I wanted a post that would allow me to vent some of my frustrations in a semi-positive (although, perhaps, unorthodox?) way. SO, I present to you “WISHES,” my small “wish list” of sorts, fashioned from some of my frustrations of lately. Then, towards the end, is “INTENTIONS,” taking a moment to reflect back on the On Purpose series I temporarily abandoned during my recent month-long unscheduled hiatus from Calculated Chaos. . .

Images from Morguefile
Wishes vs Intentions – Washington vs Arizona (Images from morgueFile)

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