Is it a Rock & a Hard Place?

I don’t feel like ME lately …

I almost wasn’t going to make this an actual blog post, because I wasn’t sure where this would go… But, frankly, this isn’t like other blogs & this crap has been hanging out in my chaotic, crazy brain for far too long. Maybe vomiting it out into my corner of the Web will help me make some sense of it or give me an epiphany or confirm my fears or SOMETHING …

I have been going to bed most nights lately with tears in my eyes. It is all I can do to keep the tears streaming down my face from turning into full-on SOBS.

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Attempting to Quiet The Bitch

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that one of the things I am working on is getting rid of the over-abundance of negative self-talk that I allow to run rampant in my brain. It is not only something that I believe is important for me to be working on, but also many others out there — men & women alike. It is shocking how often & how quickly I can turn on myself even after a seemingly small slip-up!

Take into consideration for a moment this scenario: I have committed to this Blog-tember challenge, mostly for the consistency in writing & posting, getting my thoughts out of my brain & into my little corner of the Internet here. Yet, I wound up skipping yesterday’s post, (which I was quite looking forward to! It was in regard to personality types. I think I will revisit that prompt in the future! LOL). The negative self-talk started as a whisper with that. . . Quiet, but persistent. Continue reading “Attempting to Quiet The Bitch”

That Voice in Your Head

I am fat.

I haven’t always been.

I have almost always thought I was.

This isn’t the first time in my life I have been.

This is the LARGEST I’ve ever been, though. . .

The handsome husband used to joke that it was because I finally got comfortable in our relationship. . . That this is the reason why I started gaining weight. He’s probably right. I do see a correlation there! Continue reading “That Voice in Your Head”