Disrespected Thanksgiving: The Great Debate (TToT #8)

It’s here! It’s here! The first day of November. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much I enjoy this month. If I had to choose a favorite, November would probably be it. (Thankful #1) Halloween is over. (Thankful #2) It is a month of birthdays. Two of my cousins, two of my best friends, AND my birthday falls in November — & everyone should be grateful for another year on this earth. Life is a gift. (Thankful #3)

Then, there is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. (Thankful #4) It is a holiday filled with family (Thankful #5) & food (Thankful #6). Two of my most favorite things! And, perhaps one of the most obvious, it is a day to be thankful. .  . to reflect on our blessings & to make them be known (Thankful #7). It is a simple, but meaningful holiday. I LOVE THAT.

Disrespected Thanksgiving
Disrespected Thanksgiving: The Great Debate (Image from morgueFile.com)

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The Makings of a Real-Life Fairy Tale (TToT #6)

When I was young, I had grand ideas of marriage & becoming a mother. As I got older, I had two sons without getting married & realized that I didn’t have that “biological clock” ticking away, like some other gals my age. . . I felt like I should make sure I wound up with a life partner that was truly meant for me — not someone who I could see myself with, but, rather someone I couldn’t see myself without. I felt so strongly about this that I would not settle. I had a few casual relationships, but nothing that made it past a few months, really. I was alright with never meeting “The One” because I thought that maybe I had set my sights so high that, perhaps, he didn’t exist. . .

Obviously, he does exist. (Thankful #1) The handsome husband is obviously a frequent topic of conversation here at Calculated Chaos. I love him with all of my heart — I had better, right?! 😉 Because I did not think I would marry, my love for him (& his love for me!) feels even more special. This is my “fairy tale” of how we came to be. . .

Real-Life Fairy Tale pic

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A Fashionista Extraordinaire — Wait, WHAT?!

In participating in the Blog-tember Challenge, I have decided I would do my best to follow the prompts listed by the lovely Ms. Bailey, but — I won’t lie — today’s prompt is extremely difficult for the likes of me!

Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

What?! It’s not a bad prompt, I suppose. . . & I bet there are plenty of gals out there that are trying, with all they have, to try to narrow down all of the wonderful things that come to mind when they think about fashion & the latest trends. But, for me? Well, let me explain. . .

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How to Turn Your Woes Into Your Thankfuls (TToT #3)

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. . . Not quite in one of my funks yet, but on a downward slope, nonetheless. Ugh. At least I am getting to a point in my life where I can at least recognize that I am slipping, right? (Thankful #1). And, I suppose I should be thankful that my funks (as I like to call my lower points) are not as bad as some you hear about. . . There’s never been a time I have purposefully wanted to harm myself. . . & I have never thought of ending my life. . . I have participated in or initiated some pretty self-destructive behavior of varying degrees at different points in my life — but nothing that would typically be considered downright suicidal. (Thankful #2). Continue reading “How to Turn Your Woes Into Your Thankfuls (TToT #3)”