Currently. Volume 5.

I am currently. . .

Thinking about: All the things that I want to accomplish over the next two to three years. I’ve set goals, but they either haven’t been properly documented or haven’t been significant enough to be thoroughly passionate about. Then, I came across Bailey Jean’s 101 in 1001 list & I realized that’s what I should be doing! Don’t they say something about how the best form of flattery is imitation? Or something like that. . . LOL 😉 I have made the commitment to have my list ready by the end of the month or so. 😉

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This is What a Bookworm Looks Like

When you Google the word “bookworm,” it is my picture that should appear. . . For as long as I can remember, I have loved to bury my nose in a book & lose myself in it. As a child, my mother would kick me outside to play on a nice day & I would find a spot under a tree to read a book & let the rest of the world slip away for as long as I could. . . Back then, I remember reading anything by R.L. Stine (largely all things Goosebumps — which I have discovered my nine-year-old enjoys reading now!) & pretty much every book in The Baby-Sitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin — in fact I was literally part of the club, receiving a regular package in the mail with Babysitter’s Club memorabilia, along with the latest book. I had boxes upon boxes of it at one point. . . Then, one day, I just outgrew it. I don’t even remember which one of the neighbor kids I gave it all away to — but I do remember passing it all along to someone.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that I am finding the Blog-tember Challenge‘s writing prompt of the day to be free-flowing:

“What’s on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?”


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Currently. Volume 4.

I am currently. . .

Thinking about: my messy house! Okay. It’s really not THAT bad. BUT, after my first week of my first semester of college, I have definitely put my homework first. I have a bit of housework to catch up on as a result. I will find my balance, though. At this point, I do not anticipate this becoming too terribly overwhelming to juggle. . . I am relieved, because I was worried that would not be the case. Continue reading “Currently. Volume 4.”