When Does Planning Get in the Way of Doing?

There is something to be said for making a plan, then setting it into motion. . . BUT, there are some serious results to be seen by just diving in & DOING. The former runs the risk of getting too caught up on the planning; the latter runs the risk of having to back-track because of being blind-sided. . . It seems to me, the most ideal situation would put you somewhere in between. . .

Can you have too much of a good thing? (Image from morgueFile.com)
Can you have too much of a good thing? (Image from morgueFile.com)

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New Year, New Focus (On Purpose #11)

In a little more than 48 hours, we leave 2014 behind & dive into the new year of 2015. It’s a clean slate of sorts for many. . . Just another day for others. . . For me, it is something in between.

I am not usually in the habit of New Year Resolutions. . . But, I am constantly making new goals & monitoring & revising goals that I have already set for myself. . . The bulk of this comes around my birthday (November 16), so the new year is nearly perfect timing to take another look at how those new goals are shaping up & to fine-tune what I really want to be focusing on over the next several months. . .

It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from morgueFile.com)
It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from morgueFile.com)

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New Year Anniversary

Now that Christmas is pretty much over, I am on to thinking about the new year. . . In one week, on January 1, it will mark two years since the birth of Calculated Chaos. Craziness! It has been light & dark. . . A post-a-day to nothing for months. . . My online journal of sorts. It has to be odd to actually be a follower of this craziness. . . But, for those of you that have found me in my little corner of the cyber world, I thank you for sticking around. . .

(Image from morgueFile.com)
(Image from morgueFile.com)

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em (On Purpose #10)

Despite feeling quite melancholy lately, I have an intense desire to be insanely productive, even though I don’t seem to have the proper motivation to go along with that desire. SO, I started with plugging out a TToT post this weekend. Those are always nice because the group of people who participate in that blog hop seem to be some pretty awesome people. The comments are encouraging, in one way or another, & they make me want to continue to share. . . I suppose that’s a good thing.

Through this, I realized that I had an item I could cross off my 101 in 1001 list (making Thanksgiving dinner!), which made me smile. That list is a built-in way to go on auto-pilot when I am in moods such as the one I am finding myself in quite frequently lately. So, I went back over the list & realized there are plenty of things I can get started on.

I'll focus on what I can control. (Image from morgueFile.com)
I’ll focus on what I can control. (Image from morgueFile.com)

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Hope. Plan. Do. (On Purpose #9)

I have a confession to make. . . With all my talk of trying to be more purposeful, lately, I’ve been doing quite the opposite. It’s not entirely out of control, but I could see it getting there! I am reacting to things, rather than being proactive & it is starting to show.

Watch out for that cloud following you around. . . (Image from morgueFile.com)
Watch out for that cloud following you around. . . (Image from morgueFile.com)

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Wishes vs Intentions (On Purpose: Revisited)

I’ve been in somewhat of a foul mood lately. . . I wanted a post that would allow me to vent some of my frustrations in a semi-positive (although, perhaps, unorthodox?) way. SO, I present to you “WISHES,” my small “wish list” of sorts, fashioned from some of my frustrations of lately. Then, towards the end, is “INTENTIONS,” taking a moment to reflect back on the On Purpose series I temporarily abandoned during my recent month-long unscheduled hiatus from Calculated Chaos. . .

Images from Morguefile
Wishes vs Intentions – Washington vs Arizona (Images from morgueFile)

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On Purpose: Getting Passionate

When I read today’s prompt for the Blog-tember Challenge, I couldn’t help but think how extremely broad it seemed (in my opinion). . .

“I am passionate about ______________. “

I am passionate about so many things! I asked myself, “How can I even start to narrow this down?!” Then a thought struck me. . .

Several weeks ago, I started a series of posts, scheduled for every Friday. (Coincidence that today also happens to be a Friday? I think not!) This series is called “On Purpose.” (To get a better understanding of what it is all about, please read the introductory post here.)

On Purpose

These posts have helped me tremendously in becoming more purposeful & — perhaps even more importantly for me — being able to measure my productivity in staying purposeful & living intentionally, rather than letting life happen to me. This is something I have become quite passionate about (among many other things, of course)! It is imperative that I make sure I stay productive & do not stagnate — or even feel like I am stuck. It’s quite a big deal in my world & a huge factor in whether I feel happy.  Continue reading “On Purpose: Getting Passionate”