My vision blurs with tears, my heart feels it’ll burst out of my chest, & my head spins just enough to remind me how alive I am…

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When It Hurts to Say, “Happy Mothers Day”

Mothers Day is always a rough holiday for me. I know I can’t be the only one.

Some take issue with it because their mothers are gone; others take issue because they have tried with all of their might to become mothers, but, for whatever reason, it just has not happened. Still others just didn’t have a mother — or had one that wasn’t exactly loving.

In my case, it is not quite that simple. (Is it ever?)

The iris: my mom's favorite flower. (Image from
The iris: my mom’s favorite flower. (Image from

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Math, a Little Man, & a Little Miss (TToT #16)

I have been a bit withdrawn lately. . . I think about trying to socialize more — in the blogosphere, reaching out to some local friends, making a call to my friends back home (in Washington) — but, I just don’t have the desire energy to deal with it. That sounds bitchy, but I swear it’s not. Maybe I’ll talk more about that another time. . .

Life & Death in nearly the same spot. (Image from
Life & Death in nearly the same spot. (Image from

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Confessions of a Facebook Addict

I have been a Facebook addict for quite some time now. . . I couldn’t tell you when it happened or even when I realized it had happened. . .  But, it  is among the first things I do when I wake up, among the last before going to sleep, & what I find myself mindlessly checking when I am bored or waiting for an appointment. I don’t usually post my meals or cat videos (Yuck! I am not a cat person!), but there are some other telling signs of (&, perhaps, reasons for) my addiction. . .

It is an addiction. (Image from
It is an addiction. . . But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. (Image from

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Family: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. (TToT #2)

Twenty-four years ago (on August 16) — exactly three months before my ninth birthday, my baby brother was born! (Happy birthday, Ron!) I have a hard time picturing him as the young man that he is. . . In my eyes, he is still the eight-year-old boy that he was when I left home after our mother died. I am thankful that God saw to it that our mother helped him into the world just eight short years before she passed (Thankful #1). He has been a blessing (& a burden! ha ha) in my life & I wouldn’t trade him for anything!

An old pic of the little bro. About 4 years ago.

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