Sometimes Being a Hot Mess Turns Out Okay

When I was 19-years-old, I was a hot mess… But I don’t know that I would change anything because it all turned out okay — for the most part…

Me at age 18 or 19
Me at age 18 or 19

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What a Rush

What a Rush

My eyes popped open and a chill went up my spine, but I wasn’t afraid. To the contrary, I was surprised, but pleasantly so; it was uncanny, as if my thoughts had been read. A euphoric sensation bubbled up from my toes to the top of my head and my mouth formed into a smile. Continue reading “What a Rush”

These are NOT Dark Times (TToT #9)

I know I write about things that are sad or depressing. . . Probably more often than I’d like. It is a good outlet, though, to be able to write about it. Some things really shouldn’t take up space in your head for too terribly long; it’s just not healthy. Blogging helps me get my thoughts in order & purge my brain of things that maybe shouldn’t dwell there forever. (Thankful #1) It’s a beautiful thing.

With that said, I want to put some clarification out into the blogosphere, (see, now, Lizzi? This word has caught on with me, apparently. Consider it stolen!). . .

These are NOT Dark Times
Even if things aren’t quite all glitter & rainbows. . . (Image from

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Replace the Word “Lucky” with “Blessed”

One of my best friends posted an article on Facebook a few days ago about how our perception of our bodies differ from what our men think of them. I thought that, while it made some very good points & seemed to be aimed toward helping women have a better self-image, it was rather curious that a woman wrote an article about what men supposedly think. . . SO, after a nudge by that same friend, I sent an email to the handsome husband asking for his take on the article. Of course, the handsome husband had some interesting things to say & lent a personal perspective to the whole topic that I found very comforting.

In the midst of our email conversation about body image & men’s reactions to women’s bodies, he said that men have to learn through trial & error, so I asked, “Does that mean that I should consider myself lucky that we met when we did, rather than sooner?” His response?

Even in the worst of times, blessings can be found. (Image from
Even in the worst of times, blessings can be found. (Image from

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10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences

I’ve written a lot about being depressed & needing to improve, but not a whole lot about the things that make me happy. SO, here is a quick, far-from-all-inclusive list, in no particular order. Some are astronomical; some are seemingly insignificant. All are smile-inducing. Continue reading “10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences”