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It’s been a while… I feel like I never have time.. But, really, it is that I set my expectations for each post higher than it needs to be… I’ll be honest: I write with an audience in mind, sure… My audience is mostly friends & family who like to get updates, with some blogging friends I have made along the way… & there’s an intended audience of those random people out there who just happen to go through similar things as me, who I hope to give hope or insight or just let them know they’re not alone… But, in the end, I write for ME. I write because I feel better when I do… & because it is fun… & because I enjoy the connection & the release… It helps me calm the chaos of my mind. (Thankful #1)

So, with all of that said, I figured I’d sit & write whatever flows out of my head today… & why not make it part of two of my favorite blog hops: Ten Things of Thankful & Finish the Sentence Friday? 😉 I have much for which to be thankful, after all, & all of these things have a ripple effect, flowing into other parts of my life & affecting those I love.

I finished last semester of college with an okay GPA, but I failed one of my four classes. :/ That hit me pretty hard, considering the 4.0 overall GPA I had prior to that… BUT, I have come to terms with it… (Thankful #2) Frankly, I am still damn proud. I managed to pass three classes, maintain an overall honor student status, AND I had a beautiful baby girl during that semester! (Thankful #3) I’d say I am doing okay.

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My vision blurs with tears, my heart feels it’ll burst out of my chest, & my head spins just enough to remind me how alive I am…

Blessed (more…)

Well, technically, I suppose that should read, “Dear Me,” but I have this overwhelming disconnect between who I am now (& who I have been in the past) & YOU — who I am going to be in just a few short months…

Dear You (more…)

There is a lot in this world that saddens &/or disgusts me. There is a lot of unnecessary hurt from people jumping to conclusions, acting as if everyone else needs to share their view of the world, &/or being hateful or even violent in the name of whatever cause or viewpoint they are trying to bring into the light.

It's Not Okay


Posted: June 4, 2015 in Fiction
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He must have seen the fury in her eyes as she sprung up off her seat on the couch because he took a few steps backwards.

Instead of raising her hand to strike him or throw something, however, she moved quickly toward the door, where she grabbed the keys off the peg &, without saying a word, disappeared out the front door into the night.

oncoming (more…)

Dishes get left in the sink, laundry stays piled up, the floor needs to be swept & mopped. . . It’s not horrific, I suppose, BUT, it IS just an hour or so of good, solid effort to kick the house up to the next notch of cleanliness. What makes it even more frustrating is that it’s on my mind & I want to do it.

Yet I don’t.

The clutter around me, however, is nothing in comparison to the clutter within me.

Messy Mind (more…)

A blaring alarm clock at the break of dawn, jolting you awake & out of your comfortable mass of blankets on your cozy bed. Stumbling into the bathroom to shower & brush teeth, dressing & all the other necessities of the morning before rushing out the door to commute to jobs in dreary offices. . .

Or is it a “flexible” retail schedule that has your alarm clock going off at various times on different days each week? Yeah. “Flexible.” As if you really have all that much flexibility. . . In retail, the flexibility is for upper management; let’s be real.

Maybe it’s something more back-breaking. . . Something like construction, where you are going to work to sweat your ass off anyway, so you can skip the shower in the morning, saving it for later.

Either way, after a hard day’s work, there’s usually more rushing around to get dinner started. . . Maybe there are children that need to be coaxed into doing homework or chores — or to just not kill each other. . . Then, you might get to sit on your couch for a short while to stare at the television before going back to bed to get up to do it all over again. . .

Workin Hard