The Chore I Hate the Most

I’ve made no bones about mentioning just how much I am not domestic. . . I loathe damn near everything that involves keeping up a house. I’d just rather not. Tedious, mundane, thankless work it is. . . You only notice it when it isn’t getting done — which is a lot of the time around my house.

I can't stand ANY of them, but there's one that's worse than the rest. (image from
I can’t stand ANY of them, but there’s one that’s worse than the rest. (image from

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On Purpose: Episode Five

On Purpose

Welcome to another week of “On Purpose.” If you’re curious about the thought behind this series, click here for its introductory post.

I am detecting a theme here lately. . . I am falling short of my goals. On one hand, I want to be more strict with myself so that I actually accomplish these things. (That is the whole point of this, right?!) On the other hand, I want to celebrate the successes I have so that I am not so hard on myself that I stagnate & quit making any kind of progress. . . (I think this is also why I am getting this published quite a bit later in the day than usual!)

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On Purpose: Episode Four

To catch up on the On Purpose series, begin here.

On Purpose

I won’t lie. It’s been a rough week for me. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I am fighting a cold or if it’s just allergies or what. Tension headaches & tiredness galore, though! Dear Lord. 😦 With that said, though, I did pretty well with last week’s three goals. . . The mountain of laundry, I have seriously procrastinated on. To be honest, as I sit here writing, it is Thursday evening & I intend to get my tush up out of this seat as soon as this post is complete & get that laundry folded! I am counting it as a win, but be sure to call me out in the comments to make sure I actually did it! 😉

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On Purpose: Episode Three

Not sure what I mean by “On Purpose” or what the deal is with this weekly post? Click here.

On Purpose

I’ve come to the realization that the weeks when I accomplish everything I mean to accomplish will be few & far between. While, it takes much mental convincing on my part to try to accept this, I’ve decided that is exactly what I must do. As I hinted towards last week, progress is better than stagnation. . . &, frankly, setting goals seems to ensure some kind of progress, particularly when shared with others.

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