New Year, New Focus (On Purpose #11)

In a little more than 48 hours, we leave 2014 behind & dive into the new year of 2015. It’s a clean slate of sorts for many. . . Just another day for others. . . For me, it is something in between.

I am not usually in the habit of New Year Resolutions. . . But, I am constantly making new goals & monitoring & revising goals that I have already set for myself. . . The bulk of this comes around my birthday (November 16), so the new year is nearly perfect timing to take another look at how those new goals are shaping up & to fine-tune what I really want to be focusing on over the next several months. . .

It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from
It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from

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On Purpose: Getting Passionate

When I read today’s prompt for the Blog-tember Challenge, I couldn’t help but think how extremely broad it seemed (in my opinion). . .

“I am passionate about ______________. “

I am passionate about so many things! I asked myself, “How can I even start to narrow this down?!” Then a thought struck me. . .

Several weeks ago, I started a series of posts, scheduled for every Friday. (Coincidence that today also happens to be a Friday? I think not!) This series is called “On Purpose.” (To get a better understanding of what it is all about, please read the introductory post here.)

On Purpose

These posts have helped me tremendously in becoming more purposeful & — perhaps even more importantly for me — being able to measure my productivity in staying purposeful & living intentionally, rather than letting life happen to me. This is something I have become quite passionate about (among many other things, of course)! It is imperative that I make sure I stay productive & do not stagnate — or even feel like I am stuck. It’s quite a big deal in my world & a huge factor in whether I feel happy.  Continue reading “On Purpose: Getting Passionate”

10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences

I’ve written a lot about being depressed & needing to improve, but not a whole lot about the things that make me happy. SO, here is a quick, far-from-all-inclusive list, in no particular order. Some are astronomical; some are seemingly insignificant. All are smile-inducing. Continue reading “10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences”

To My 16-Year-Old Self

Dear Reta Jayne:

I know life is all “lollipops & glitter” right now. . . (Okay, maybe not. Maybe it’s emotional and angst-ridden, as most teenage years are. . . But, trust me, honey, in comparison to some of the things you go through later, it really is a beautiful time.) Either way, I need you to know, in less than six months, you & your family are going to go through something you never thought you would have to endure. . . I don’t want to take away from your teenage years any more than life already will, but I know you.

Senior Year Picture
Reta Jayne, 16-Years-Old

I know that you’re the type of person that requires quite a bit of time to digest major changes. . . That you have a need to chew things up & spit them out, then rearrange them all over again all within your mind. . . That is something about you that will never change. SO, there’s so much I want to tell you. . .

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Nothing Can Compare

As I wrote about how pregnancy is not beautiful, I knew that I would, inevitably, have to write a follow-up post soon after. Do not get me wrong. I believe every word of what was written. I feel everything that was talked about there. BUT, I do also think there is room for further discussion — if for no other reason than to satisfy my own desire to show “the other side of the coin.”

I suspect, as with anything that you’re not supposed to say, there’s a certain amount of controversy that can arise. I was horribly aware of this as I hit the button to publish that post. This isn’t necessarily to say that all of these things were brought to my attention. . . But, whether brought up by others or my own subconscious, there were a few questions or issues that I felt compelled to address. . . Continue reading “Nothing Can Compare”

My Happy Monday

Everyone needs an outlet. . . Something they enjoy that lets them blow off some steam or get their thoughts organized or whatever. One day, I’d like to be more active on a regular basis & maybe that’ll turn into one of my outlets. In the meantime, writing here is what does that for me. You can’t even imagine the extra peace of mind it gives me to just get my thoughts out of my head for a bit. Hopefully there’s a few people who don’t mind reading it!

As an extra boost of motivation to post more regularly and as an opportunity to meet a few other bloggers (& maybe even form a few online friendships), I came across a few link ups that I thought I might enjoy on a regular basis. Today, marks the first on the list: My Happy Monday, hosted by Sarah of My (Mostly) Healthy Life
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How’s THAT for some Calculated Chaos?

SO…. I went & did something. It’s quite a bit back-asswards. I won’t lie… I am a bit in shock that I did it. I am relieved, excited, & extremely anxious & nervous now as a result. I am not sure yet if I am ready for the world to know, because I am also almost ashamed that I did it because it is far from a “responsible” thing to do… I thought my BF would be upset with me, but, apparently, he knew it was coming & swears he supports my decision fully.  Continue reading “How’s THAT for some Calculated Chaos?”