On Purpose: Episode Four

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On Purpose

I won’t lie. It’s been a rough week for me. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I am fighting a cold or if it’s just allergies or what. Tension headaches & tiredness galore, though! Dear Lord. ūüė¶ With that said, though, I did pretty well with last week’s three goals. . .¬†The mountain of laundry, I have¬†seriously¬†procrastinated on. To be honest, as I sit here writing, it is Thursday evening & I intend to get my tush up out of this seat as soon as this post is complete & get that laundry folded! I am counting it as a win, but be sure to call me out in the comments to make sure I actually did it! ūüėČ

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On Purpose: Introduction

We are all guilty, at one point or another, of letting life happen to us, rather than the other way around. Think about that for a moment: We are so caught up in reacting to the things around us that we forget that we can be proactive & thrive, rather than react & just live. This is EXACTLY the thought behind ‚ÄúCalculated Chaos.‚ÄĚ Life is hectic & probably always will be, to one degree or another. BUT, with a little planning & purposefulness, we can make so much more sense of the chaos around us & put to work for us, rather than against us.

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That Voice in Your Head

I am fat.

I haven’t always been.

I have almost always thought I was.

This isn’t the first time in my life I have been.

This is the LARGEST I’ve ever been, though. . .

The handsome husband used to joke that it was because I finally got comfortable in our relationship. . . That this is the reason why I started gaining weight. He’s probably right. I do see a correlation there! Continue reading “That Voice in Your Head”

Pregnancy is NOT Beautiful

I know I am not supposed to say this. . . And, I know I have a tendency to try to put a positive spin on damn near everything, (especially when posting here). BUT, there comes a point when a gal just needs to vent! Not everything said may sound logical. . . And, many of these proclamations may be gross exaggerations, BUT that does not mean they are not my true feelings, nonetheless. . .

Pregnancy is NOT beautiful.

The idea of pregnancy might be gorgeous & miraculous & all those things that everyone wants to “ooh” & “aah” & carry on about. BUT, pregnancy itself is NOT beautiful. It is messy & gross¬†& sickening. A miserable time for almost everyone involved.

It starts with feeling nauseous for what seems like no apparent reason. Maybe there’s bloating & cramping. . . Most likely, there are several¬†nasty mood swings & lots of blubbering tears. And don’t forget the sore boobs that I can no longer let my husband touch. . . That hurt just to accidentally brush up against the sheets in bed. . . Boobs that can’t be happy¬†stuffed up into a now-ill-fitting bra, but that also aren’t happy to just dangle at the whims of gravity.

See? He likes the boobies.
See? He likes the boobies.

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Compromise or Cop Out?

I’ll warn you now, this will come across as a MAJOR pity party to many. .. . But, frankly, I do not care. I think it’s a natural progression of things & I have absolutely no reason to feel bad for it. (Frankly, they almost always wind up with a positive ending, anyway.) With that said, I am starting to think that maybe — just maybe —¬†my goals are all kinds of wrong.¬†.¬†. Continue reading “Compromise or Cop Out?”

My Own Roadblock

A couple of mornings ago, I forced my fat ass onto my bicycle & down the walking/biking trail in our community. What a humbling experience!

During that time, I passed a couple out walking. Then, when they caught up to me at my half-way point, they asked if I was okay — I¬†must have¬†looked MISERABLE! LOL. I just told them I am just out of shape & we all said, simultaneously, “You have to start SOMEWHERE!” Made me feel a little better!¬† Continue reading “My Own Roadblock”