Is it a Rock & a Hard Place?

I don’t feel like ME lately …

I almost wasn’t going to make this an actual blog post, because I wasn’t sure where this would go… But, frankly, this isn’t like other blogs & this crap has been hanging out in my chaotic, crazy brain for far too long. Maybe vomiting it out into my corner of the Web will help me make some sense of it or give me an epiphany or confirm my fears or SOMETHING …

I have been going to bed most nights lately with tears in my eyes. It is all I can do to keep the tears streaming down my face from turning into full-on SOBS.

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The Chore I Hate the Most

I’ve made no bones about mentioning just how much I am not domestic. . . I loathe damn near everything that involves keeping up a house. I’d just rather not. Tedious, mundane, thankless work it is. . . You only notice it when it isn’t getting done — which is a lot of the time around my house.

I can't stand ANY of them, but there's one that's worse than the rest. (image from
I can’t stand ANY of them, but there’s one that’s worse than the rest. (image from

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On Purpose: Episode Six

As usual, if you need to clue into what this “On Purpose” series is all about, click here to read the introductory post.

On Purpose


In quite the contrast to last week, I am feeling quite accomplished this week.

By the time I got round to finishing getting the spare room cleaned out, the handsome husband had already done it. I am not sure if he was sick of waiting for me to do it or if he was just trying to pick up some of the slack since I need to adjust to my school & homework schedule. . . Either way, it was greatly appreciated. I know how lucky I am to have him; I love him so much.  Continue reading “On Purpose: Episode Six”

How to Turn Your Woes Into Your Thankfuls (TToT #3)

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. . . Not quite in one of my funks yet, but on a downward slope, nonetheless. Ugh. At least I am getting to a point in my life where I can at least recognize that I am slipping, right? (Thankful #1). And, I suppose I should be thankful that my funks (as I like to call my lower points) are not as bad as some you hear about. . . There’s never been a time I have purposefully wanted to harm myself. . . & I have never thought of ending my life. . . I have participated in or initiated some pretty self-destructive behavior of varying degrees at different points in my life — but nothing that would typically be considered downright suicidal. (Thankful #2). Continue reading “How to Turn Your Woes Into Your Thankfuls (TToT #3)”

On Purpose: Progress

To find out what this “On Purpose” series is all about, catch up by reading On Purpose: Introduction, published last week.

On Purpose

It’s been an interesting week in regard to trying to be more purposeful. When reviewing the three goals I made for myself, I have to say, when completely honest, I didn’t quite succeed at a single one. That kind of hurts to say. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I sat down to write this & came to that realization.

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