It’s Not Okay

There is a lot in this world that saddens &/or disgusts me. There is a lot of unnecessary hurt from people jumping to conclusions, acting as if everyone else needs to share their view of the world, &/or being hateful or even violent in the name of whatever cause or viewpoint they are trying to bring into the light.

It's Not Okay
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Compassion & Time with Loved Ones (TToT #17)

This week’s thankfuls are pretty straight-forward. . .

I am so very thankful to have had my nine-year-old son down for a visit for a good ten days. (Thankful #1) He left super early on Tuesday morning. Those goodybyes are always so, so hard. . . But they are getting easier because it is becoming easier to realize that I will see him again soon. (Thankful #2) Plus, the handsome husband & I can go back to not worrying about how much (or how little) clothing we are wearing around the house! (Thankful #3) LOL. A nine-year-old boy just does not need to see certain things! 😉
My baby brother & his daughter!
My baby brother & his daughter!

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Put Yourself in Their Shoes (A #1000Speak Post)

Back in January, a blogger friend (Lizzi of Considerings) wrote a pretty moving post called “We ALL need The Village.” It was about how “The Village” that used to be around to help raise children, to speak up when something just isn’t right, or to lend a helping hand when needed has all but disappeared. It shed light on the fact that there is so much negativity in the world & not enough people who are willing to expose it or prevent it — or even try.

Where’s the COMPASSION in this world?

Lizzi didn’t stop with her one post. She kept talking about it. Then, before she knew it, paired with another blogger friend, Yvonne Spence, the village was created. They call it #1000Speak for Compassion. Within days, over 1,000 people signed up to be a part of this movement. The idea was that the blogosphere was to be flooded with #1000Speak posts on February 20. Some wrote blog posts, some wrote poems or short stories, & others recorded videos, took pictures, or created other art. There was no limit to how participants chose to express themselves in the name of compassion.

What an awesome thing to do, right?

With every intention to jump into this movement, when the time came, I just didn’t. Compassion is difficult for me these days, I suppose. When you’re withdrawn & sleeping the day away & doing the “bare minimum” to get by, it is hard to reach out to others. Sad, but true.

With all of that said, just because I missed February 20 doesn’t mean I need to continue to miss “the boat.” The group decided to continue its cause on the 20th of each month, with a compassion-related theme. For March 20, the theme is “Building from Bullying.”

How does compassion tie into bullying?

I’ll tell you what: It is more intertwined than you would think. It is easy to focus on the victim — & a lot of times that is exactly what needs to happen. However, the one doing the bullying is often already a victim in some way — or just plain doesn’t know any better.

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