About the Author: Who is Reta Jayne?

WHITEST Black Girl You’ll Ever Meet. Mama. Wife. Domestic Faker. Blogger. Writer. Finance & Math Student.

Mocha Mama


I am a thirty-something, emotionally intense, opinionated, (overly?) analytical woman who found herself as a homemaker, despite being a self-proclaimed domestic disgrace. I am mulatto (half black & half white, for those who aren’t familiar with the term) & I am proud of it & think it lends a sometimes-unique perspective towards the world. I have two sons (13 & 10) & each live with their father & step-mother in Washington State.

I met the love of my life in 2011 & we married in May 2013 in a very simple ceremony after a short engagement. . . Just shy of ten months later,  we packed up from our home in Washington State to start a new adventure together in Arizona as a result of his career. What an adjustment!

Because I am SUCH an over-thinker, I needed something more effective than a simple journal as an outlet for my thoughts. SO, in January 2013, a dear friend encouraged my interest in blogging. This was the birth of Calculated Chaos, which I also talk about on FaceBook, here. (If you’re into Twitter, find me there too!)

I am just starting out, but I have LOTS to share & I am eager to pick up momentum & to get to know some new friends.  Learn a bit more about the vision for this blog & share your thoughts about it by visiting “What is Calculated Chaos?“.

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