What is Calculated Chaos?


Life is SO FULL of ups & downs that it can border on complete & utter CHAOS a lot of the time! Due to an over-active brain & an arguably “worry wart” nature, an outlet for all the things floating around in my noggin’ was an absolute NECESSITY to avoid going further insane than (perhaps?) I already am. . . SO, after MUCH thought & prayer, along with encouragement from my husband & a few dear friends, Calculated Chaos was born!

Calculated Chaos

This blog, along with its corresponding FaceBook page, gives me an outlet to share some of the chaos that occurs in my life so that I can make an effort to anticipate & control — & maybe even trigger — some of said chaos, (hence the “calculated” portion of its name). The ultimate goal is an outlet & entertainment for myself, along with my friends & family &, perhaps, an opportunity to let it grow to the point where I can meet others — to learn & teach, to share & inspire, & to BE inspired. Time will tell.

It’ll read a lot like a diary, really; each post consists of my personal thoughts & feelings, after all. However, considering the fact that I am giving others a glimpse into my craziness, I will usually categorize each post to one or more of the following:

  1. Human Connections: A good amount of the intense emotions that accompany the chaos of life are directly related to the human connections we all have — our relationships with our parents, our spouses, our siblings, our children. . . & how we deal with the loss of & changes to those connections.
  2. Achieving Aspirations: A huge part of the uncertainty in life that can be perceived as chaos really just stems from just floating along without a plan or a goal. Dreaming big, then turning it into an actual goal — complete with a timeframe — is highly therapeutic. The rewards start to flow when an actual plan is made, then followed in order to reach that goal. What are some of the thoughts & set-backs & successes that occur along that kind of a journey? Find that here, along with some posts regarding domestic escapades, as being a new housewife who is a self-proclaimed domestic disgrace is bound to bring plenty of, um, “interesting” domestic tidbits to light.
  3. Defeating Depression: Read through Calculated Chaos a bit & it will soon be realized that I make no attempt to conceal the fact that depression is a beast that visits me from time to time. . . Some visits are fleeting; others attack ferociously & then linger for what feels like eternity. This is where you’ll find posts regarding these battles, along with other tales of journeys towards self realization & deciphering all the little nuances that make us uniquely ourselves & coming to terms with our own versions of reality.

To learn more about ME, please go here, join me at Calculated Chaos on Facebook, OR simply send me a message below. I welcome & encourage any kind of comments, feedback, inspiration, or suggestions for content you may have:


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