“You’re not good enough & there’s something seriously wrong with you; no matter how hard you try, you’ll always fall short.”

“You’re too caught up in your own thoughts, too emotional, too intense, too numb, too calculated, too lethargic, too everything; you’re hard to love.”


These are the types of things you tell me on a daily basis, sometimes as a whisper & other times as a SCREAM.

I call you “The Bitch;” good, bad, or indifferent, you are a part of me.

But, there’s something I have always known about you, even when your incessant chattering leads me to disbelieve it…

Bitch, you lie.


This post was written in participation of this week’s Six Sentence Stories link-up. The prompt was “lie.” Read other submissions here.


5 thoughts on “Bitch.

  1. … the insinuating daily lies, that wears down one’s self confidence – the constant demeaning “your not good enough” lies … and very often the lies we tell ourselves too, which is why we’re tempted to believe them … profound write.


  2. Yes, yes, yes… it’s ALL a LIE, and don’t ever allow it to become your reality because you fear it is. Our fears and insecurities are always lurking and wanting to be proven right, but we are strong women and we can dispel those myths with the reality of moving boldly forward even when we are afraid. This was a bold piece, very in your face, and it made it’s point so well!


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