Currently. Volume 2.

Yeah, yeah. This is supposed to be a weekly Monday post. Better a day late than not at all, eh? 😉

I am currently. . .

Looking forward to: (other than the day that my HCG levels are below 5), I am looking forward to hugging Little RJ as he gets off the plane tonight! YES! Tonight is the night! We have him for three weeks & I am SO STOKED to have him here for a bit. I miss him so much.

Thinking about:  how frustrated I am that my HCG levels are not going down more rapidly. It was ON our one-year anniversary that the handsome husband had to take me into the emergency room for bleeding that turned out to be a sign of our miscarriage. That was back in May. I am so done with this. Today, I got the phone call with my lab results from Friday’s blood-draw & my HCG levels are still lingering at 51 — they were 56 two weeks ago! WTH?! SO DAMN FRUSTRATING! I won’t go in next week for another blood-draw, as they want me to. . . I will go in two weeks instead. I am just ready for this whole ordeal to be done with so that the handsome husband & I can figure out what “normal” is for us again & actually move on with our lives.

Reading: “Outlander: A Novel” by Diana Gabaldon. I had seen the previews for the new Starz episode starting on this Saturday (August 9), but I wrote it off — even if it did seem interesting — because we do not currently subscribe to Starz. But, then I came across this blog post & she totally sold me on at least picking up the books. SO, I downloaded a sample of the first book in the series & got hooked! We will see how it goes. . . 😉

Thankful for: my classes to start up the day after Little RJ leaves to go back to his dad & step-mom in Washington State. I can’t stand this new schedule that the handsome husband’s job has him on. He is cranky & closed off — despite his best efforts to try not to be. I feel like I am always trying to keep quiet because he’s sleeping & the housework I’ve finally started to form a routine for is suffering because I feel like it is too loud to get done when he’s asleep — or I am too tired to get done while he’s at work overnight. It’s frustrating! I am not a domestic person to begin with & I can’t stand this crap. It will be nice to have something else productive — yet quiet — to be working on when I feel like I can’t do my other chores. I think it is also going to wonders for my self-esteem since I feel like my only job is keeping up this damn house, yet I don’t do it as I would like.

Getting a laugh from: This video that popped up on my Facebook news feed a few times before I finally took a moment to watch & listen to it! Hilarious, people! HILARIOUS. Even if you’re not into country music, you can probably get a good chuckle out of it. 😉

What are YOU currently up to? Leave me a note in the comments below, email me at, or post to Calculated Chaos on Facebook. 😉

This post was written for the (usually on Monday) link-up hosted by A Mama Collective.


6 thoughts on “Currently. Volume 2.

    1. Yes! You very well might have created another addict. I am engrossed so far. . . About 25% into the first book. We shall see. . . 😉 I have annoyingly shared that same blog post on both of my FB pages & in at least one of the groups I frequent. LOL. Apparently, you made quite the impression on me! LOL


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