So, There’s This Boy. . .

So, there’s this boy. . .

He was the first one to REALLY steal my heart & I love him SO MUCH to this day. . . Furthermore, my husband is TOTALLY okay with this. This boy is into Magic cards & plays the clarinet in both a concert band AND a jazz band. He has a quirky sense of humor & loves to read.

This boy’s mom & dad split before he was even two-years-old. Then, months later, his mother lost her job & had a breakdown. He went to live with his dad; she lived out of her van for a few months before being taken in by a family member. When his mother finally got back on her feet again, nearly a year had gone by; it would have been selfish to insist on uprooting this boy yet again. SO, after much thought & prayer, she didn’t. It was HARD, but it was RIGHT.

This boy, as a result, now has FOUR parents & four sets of grandparents & a brother who does not live with him, along with aunts & uncles & cousins. This boy is SO LOVED by SO MANY & he may not even realize the magnitude of this yet. . . But, he will one day.

This boy is twelve-years old, as of tomorrow, February 1. He is turning into quite the young man: intelligent AND handsome. His mother is SO proud of him. I know this. . .

I know this because I am this boy’s mother. He is SO much like me, yet so different. He is an amazingly awesome young man & I couldn’t be more proud. . .

Happy 12th Birthday, my David.


10 thoughts on “So, There’s This Boy. . .

  1. I love this. Sometimes, we have to decide what is best for our kids, regardless how hard it is. Those decisions are not always the easiest, but they will play out and the discipline will pay off eventually. You are a great mom. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!


  2. Your post really touched my heart! It was so sad but so wonderful at the same time. I too enjoy magic cards, they’re just a great way to pass the time. I wish your boy and you a blessed day!



    1. Thank you, Lara! Yes. . . It IS a sad, yet wonderful thing. . . Everything about it is conflicted! BUT, it’s REAL & it’s true. . . And, I am firm believer that everything has its reason. . . Thank you for stopping by!


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